Hi Ayushman, Anushka, Sonakshi, Ranveer, anyone who has plans to make a name in Bollywood. (Sorry, Kapil, for now we are just putting you in this bracket).

Name four actors who rule the movie business...

And among the younger lot?

Okay, now how many top actresses
come to mind?

Why are so few people influencing Bollywood?
And even if you are Ranbir, Akki, Kat, Dippy, PC, Bebo, or one of the Khans, are you really sure what your price should be? Or is that why you've started producing the films yourself, John?

How do you estimate the price of a Hindi movie? Or, for that matter, Bhojpuri? And why just movies, take also the K-Serials (Hi, Ekta).

How does one put a big enough price tag to anything produced by this giant entertainment industry?

Anyone familiar
with analytics?
Anurag? Messrs UTV? Reliance? Karan? Balaji? Mum?
(sorry, got caught up in
the moment.)

For anyone who is someone, looking to get somewhere in films or TV, the time’s ripe for a sustainable disruption.

Stars get your Brand Audit. Debutantes get your Brand Strategy. Actors, learn your True Price. Celebrities, know your Influence Index. Movies & TV shows, learn your Brand Value.

The show business is no longer about hope, prayer or gut feel.
We are the McKinsey of the entertainment industry.

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  • 1. Should heroines quit acting in lead roles post marriage?

    Total respondents: 1931826
  • 2. Do you prefer Anushka with the lip job?

    Total respondents: 1732222
  • 3. Do you want to see Salman and Aishwarya in a movie again?
    Total respondents: 2376416
  • 4. Has Kapil's comedy lost it's humour?
    Total respondents: 2059418
  • 5. Is India ready for celebrity viral sex tapes?
    Total respondents: 2531116
  • 6. Does Rohit Shetty think his audiences are intelligent?
    Total respondents: 1398715
  • 7. Has Sunny Leone wrapped up Poonam & Sherlyn?
    Total respondents: 2670915
  • 8. Is Irran Khan a better actor than Shahrukh Khan?
    Total respondents: 1653217
  • 9. Can Salman do a '3 Idiots' type movie?
    Total respondents: 1997315
  • 10. Should Vivek Oberoi find a new job?
    Total respondents: 874321
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